As a metal tank manufacturer and installer, FM TANK provides its customers high quality services in terms of design and engineering, and in the production of your tanks and their assembly on site.

We also look after the aesthetic aspects of these constructions.

While steel tanks have a grey-toned metallic appearance when not coated, paint may be required to comply with environmental constraints imposed by the institutional players in charge of urban development. Examples of this include constructions in or near natural environments (forests, green areas, etc.) requiring the visual impact of such constructions to be reduced, or constructions in urban areas where maximum concealment is required.

Another possible case for using paint is the will to match a steel tank with an existing building (department store, factory, business park, etc.) to maintain the environment’s visual harmony.

Whatever the reason for this choice, FM TANK offers to powder coat your tanks to meet your needs or obligations.

Pushing finishing details to the limits, the covers used to hide the bolts are also matched to the storage tank colour.

It is important to note that the use of powder coating increases your tank’s steel protection and therefore extends its service life.

Focus on powder coating

This painting technique uses a thermoplastic powder resin coating process.

It is sprayed onto the part to be painted using an electrostatic gun.

The part is then fired in an oven to melt and polymerise the thermosetting powder.

Widely used in the metal industry, it can be used to protect and coat the most basic to the most complex steel parts.

Powder coating is often used on all roofing elements (supporting purlins, fixing brackets, central core) to avoid the corrosion created by the emanations from the product stored in the tank.

The absence of solvents is an important advantage that makes it a non-polluting and therefore eco-responsible process that also respects the health and safety of production staff in the workplace.

Powder coating is also required in places or sites that are subjected to a salt-laden or aggressive atmosphere.



> de toitures plates autoportantes
> d’une couverture en tôles type bac acier
> d’une trappe de visite cadenassable
> d’une échelle à crinoline en aluminium avec marche palière
> d’un orifice de trop plein
> d’un système de remplissage et de refoulement
> d’une descente en P.V.C.
> d’une vidange avec vanne papillon
> d’un manomètre de niveau
> d’un thermoplongeur logé dans une chambre de convection
> d’un système d’aspiration avec plaque anti-vortex


> couverture bardage
> isolation thermique du réservoir
> aspiration avec raccords multiples
> épingle chauffante automatique
> support pour affichage
> trou d’homme
> plateforme de repos avec garde-corps
> peinture extérieure polyester avec cache boulons
> support pour bardage extérieur
> ...


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