Entrusting the servicing and verification of your fire-fighting supply tanks to real professionals guarantees your infrastructures are protected and preserved.

A steel tank has a very long service life if its condition is checked regularly and its structure and components inspected and properly maintained.

This is why, in addition to the design, manufacture and installation of bolted metal tanks, FM TANK, offers inspection and maintenance services.

Our specialised team with its extensive experience and wide-ranging expertise will be able to take action in all types of situation: maintenance visits, replacement of elements, height extensions, moving of tanks.

A meticulous inspection will be carried out during the triennial visits of your fire protection tanks in accordance with the APSAD R1* regulations.

Following each of these visits, we will send you a report of our findings as well as our recommendations for maintenance work to extend the service life of your installation.

* The APSAD R1 standard is intended to support users, prescribers and installers in the conduct of sprinkler type automatic water-based fire extinguishing system design and installation projects. It sets out the requirements for the design, installation, maintenance and regular inspection of these systems. It covers risk classification, water source and pump specifications, the materials to be used, system testing, and the extension or revision of existing systems.


The common method of inspecting and cleaning the inside of a tank is to empty it.

This type of intervention is carried out according to a precise protocol that we have at your disposal, defined with our QHSE officer in order to work in total safety.

During their interventions, our teams carry out a visual inspection of the tank’s general condition, in particular the condition of the seal lines, the sealing liner and the connections.

They clean the bottom of the tank if necessary.

Simple visual inspection from the ground to draw up an overview of the tank exterior.

For coated steel tanks, detailed inspection with the electrical testing of all the cylinders.

This test is used to check coating condition.

We upgrade all types of bolted above-ground tanks to compliance.


  • Regular inspection
  • Drainage
  • Tank cleaning
  • Jet-washing
  • Stripping and degreasing by soda-blasting
  • Liner replacement
  • Replacement of ports, pipework, suction system, etc.
  • Bituminous paintwork
  • Roof cleaning
  • Roof replacement or repair
  • Sheet metal replacement or repair
  • Ladder replacement
  • Fitting suction drains
  • Fitting manholes
  • Dismantling and/or moving tanks
  • Returning tanks to service (complete filling + testing)

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